See the Tigers in Dublin Zoo

This is the most popular zoo in Ireland and it has visitors from all over the world who come with their friends and family to see the most exotic animals and enjoy a fun and educational day.

The zoo is located in Phoenix Park and there are plenty of activities that people can choose to attend.

Make sure that you can check the schedules to see some of the animals because they will be given daily care and the areas for these animals will not be available for the public during that time.


There are Asian Lions, crested macaques, reptile houses, chimpanzees, penguins, giraffes, gorillas and rhinos that can be seen each day and many other animals that don’t have the same required scheduled maintenance for their enclosures.

Dublin Zoo May

The best thing about this zoo is that there is avenue for birthday parties, weddings and BBQ’s or special events. This makes the zoo a great place that anyone can visit for any kind of purpose. You will be able to enjoy a full day of fun and there are plenty of activities that the zoo holds for the entire family to enjoy at all times.


The Meerkat restaurant is a great place for you to have lunch and enjoy all kinds of delicious regional dishes as well as typical foods from all over the world.

You can buy your tickets to visit the park online and you will also be able to get an annual pass for a very affordable cost.

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