Céide Fields

North mayo is home to the wild boglands and beneath it you will be able to find the largest Stone Age monument in the entire planet. This is known as the Céide Fields and you will be able to see the most incredible megalithic tombs and dwelling areas, with breathtaking stone walled fields that extend thousands of acres with more than six thousand years of age and history.

Ceide Fields

You need to make sure that you use footwear that will protect you from injury in a very uneven terrain. The visitor Centre in this particular area has been given the award for architecture for its unique and beautiful construction. This is a truly unique experience that will show you just how much dedication can be given to a certain location when it comes to stone construction.

These are lands with an incredibly beautiful scenery all around them and you will love every minute of your walk in the area. We recommend this place for everyone in your family, but the smallest children should be carried by their parents in order to avoid injuries due to the extremely uneven terrain.

DP Head

You can book tours for this area all year long, but we recommend a visit early in the year if you want to get there in the least crowded months. The middle of the year can get very crowded. Regardless of the time of the year that you decide to visit, you will have plenty of fun in this gorgeous location.