Downpatrick Head

There are very few places in the world that have such a unique look that they can be considered an unrivalled location to visit.

You could go to many coasts in the world, but you are not going to find one that looks anything like Downpatrick Head, located on the coast of Mayo. You are going to enjoy a peaceful and even spiritual experience here.

DP Head

The reason why this was named Downpatrick is because St Patrick actually founded a church in this coastal area and the ruins are still standing. This area used to be for pilgrimage and there are gatherings that still take place every last Sunday of July and they attend mass in this location that is considered to be sacred.

The scenery when you go out to the coast is something that cannot be described. The beauty and the unique rock formation that can be seen from the cliffs looks like something that was man made, but is 100% natural.

DP Head2

There is also a statue of St Patrick here that many people come to see. The area is also very close to the Ceide visitor center located in Ballycastle. A very ancient location with tombs that are preserved and look as if they have been frozen in time.

Make sure that you take the time to visit this beautiful location if you love natural wonders. This is a place that very few people mention outside of Ireland, but once you visit you will regard it as a hidden gem that is not getting the exposure that it deserves.