The Giants Causeway

The legend says that the columns that can be found in the Giants Causeway are the remains of a causeway that was built by giants.

This makes for an even more exciting adventure because even if you know this was not built by giants, it can be fun to imagine that it was and if you have kids it will be fun to tell them the story and pretend it was real.


This is a beautiful location that has more than 40 thousand basalt columns that are interlocked. This occurred due to a very powerful volcanic eruption and makes for a very unique place to visit during your trip to Ireland. This is located in County Antrim and the nearest town is 4.8km.


Giants Sitting

Giants Reflection

Giants Causeway

Giants causeway seaview

Fantastic Causeway

Most of the columns in this location have a hexagonal shape and this makes the site quite a curious one. You will probably want to take out your phone and take a nice selfie here. This is the kind of place that is so unique and rare that it deserves for you to take out your phone and take as many photos and videos as you possibly can.

There are plenty of seabirds in this area and quite a few exotic and rare plants too.

This is a place that you want to visit during the day and stay to watch the sunset too. It will be an incredibly rewarding experience. Then you can head back at night after spending the day in this unique location.