Great Western Greenway

There are many reasons to visit the beautiful West Coast of Ireland from spectacular scenery, Great Fresh Food, Warm & Friendly Characters to the Wonderful activities available to all. With this in mind, The Greenway is a fantastic Cycling route available to all. The route facilitates breath taking coastlines, designated break areas, fantastic maintained cycling paths and caters both Adults and Children alike.

This is an off-road experience that is great for people who want to walk or what I recommend, cycle. There is no trip to Ireland that could be complete without this trail.

Great Western Greenway3


Great Western Greenway Sheep


Great Western Greenway


Great Western Greenway2



While most of this is completely off-road, there is a section of it that merges with the road and you will have to be careful for vehicles until you make it out again. You will love the 42km tarmac and gravel roads that allow you to have a number of great sceneries while you cycle the route.

This is the longest trail for walking, running and cycling that is available in the entire country and you will enjoy it with your friends or family. If you want to do some serious cycling, you can also rent good quality bicycles that you can ride all the way through the Great Western Greenway.

  1. Achill to Mulranny (13km)
  2. Mulranny to Newport (18km)
  3. Newport to Westport (11km)


This can be the best way for you to experience the end of your vacation and it will allow you to have as much fun as possible while also getting a VERY good workout.

This is the kind of experience that can be rewarding in many different ways and that is the reason why I recommended to everyone who travels to Ireland.